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The men and women of the Freehold Borough Police Department encourage feedback from the citizens we serve.  It allows us to see where we excel and where can improve. 

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If you would like to email us with a compliment about our officers or our department, please click here.  They will be posted below in the same format as listed.  Please include at  least your first name or your full name if you want it posted.

September, 2013

Dear Chief Roberts,

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on your Departmentís attention to the Boroughís downtown area. My wife and I and many friends frequent the Main Street restaurants finding the ambiance and entertainment second to none in the area.

What is very important to us and other visitors is the safe environment you and your officers have established and is in large part the reason we continue to return.

In particular, I would like to commend Officer Chris Atkins who is assigned to the downtown sector. Our party has often noted that he has created an omnipresent on the breath of downtown Main St and attendant parking lots. He is extremely conscientious, continually walking his beat creating a comfortable environment for both residents and those of us who visit.

Please let Officer Atkins know that his commitment to duty is truly appreciated. If he is representative of your Police Department, the residents of Freehold Borough should be duly proud of their agency.

Thank you for your leadership.

Gerald Aponte














August, 2010

Words can not describe how my daughter has enjoyed this program.  I must admit as first I was nervous but didn't show her nor mentioned it to her.  But on the first day I picked her up, I just peeked through the door because I thought she would be so angry with me.  However, to my surprise she had a smile and said "wait until I tell you about my day, mom".  But by the 3rd day she was so excited and all she did was talk about her whole day with us and our friends and family. 

She has been so positive and is already thinking about her options next year and option for the future..  This I owe to you and your great staff.  THANK YOU for having this program and I hope it continues as her 8 year old sister asked me if she can be in the program too.

-Frances Tavarez


January, 2010

My compliments to all of the officers involved in the summer youth police academy program. It was run efficiently and yet with the flexibility it needed due to some scheduling and weather difficulties.

Although my daughter was hesitant at first, she was encouraged and challenged during the entire program. She was very proud of herself for all that she accomplished during the program. My daughter had an excellent experience and would love to participate in it again, although we know that is not possible.

I hope Monmouth County can somehow bring back the Sheriff's youth academy program so that young adults have additional opportunities to see what a career in law enforcement entails.

Thank you again.

-Maria Chaffer


December, 2009

In reference to the article in the paper mentioning the ability to compliment our police via your web site, I have to take the time to do so. I bet our department gets far more compliments than complaints. The Freehold Borough police officers are professional and great to deal with. I have lived here for 15 years and have nothing but praises for all of you.

I have often said that our cops do a job that most people would not have the guts to do. I know the decent and law abiding citizens of our great town appreciate what you do. Keep up the good work.

-Brian Sullivan


July, 2009

My husband and I live on Barkalow Avenue in Freehold, a quiet neighborhood whose only disruption seems to be very unsafe, fast drivers. The speed limit is 25, yet every single day throughout the day, speeders careen up and down the street putting pedestrians and parked cars in jeopardy. Sometimes they are so fast, you can hardly make out the age or gender of the person driving or see their plates.

However, it has been very reassuring to see an increased police presence on our street, pulling speeders over. During the week of July 6, 2009, we especially noticed this happening with much more frequency and were pleased to see the level of action and persistence of the policewoman. We thank you for this and hope this level of police activity continues on Barkalow Avenue as it contributes to a much safer environment for everyone.

 Thank you.

-A Barkalow Avenue Resident


February, 2009

To The entire Freehold PD.

I have to say this directly to The freehold PD. I have lived in this town for over 10 years and have consistently been impressed and pleased by what I think of as "MY" Police department. I think the Officers we have in this town do a consistently fantastic Job. I have lived in more then a few towns in Monmouth county and have never been so impressed and felt so safe living in a town as I do here. Part of the reason I even moved here was before I purchased the house I live in, I sat down outside the house for a bit and watched as within a few hours I noted 7 police cars pass down my street. Even taking into consideration the close location to the court house I was still impressed. Every single time I have had to call The PD (for various reasons) I have enjoyed very professional fast service. Keep it up guys I think your doing a wonderful job. And I just wanted to say thank-you

-Holmes Terrace Resident


December, 2007

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to Ptl. John Reiff for his professionalism, compassion, and respect.

On December 8th, he responded to a call at my mother's home, where I had arrived to find that she had passed. He stayed at our family's side through the entire ordeal simply to offer any help he could.

His support and comfort was above and beyond what we come to expect from law enforcement, who see these things on a daily basis. It may have been his close ties to her neighborhood, or simply his warm demeanor, but I cannot thank him enough for his ability to help our family cope with an unbearable situation.

He is an extraordinary representative of your department, and should be commended for his compassion.

Colleen Hoitela & Family


November, 2007

I would like to compliment an officer by the name of Steve Cicero.

Last month my wife locked her keys in her car behind Federicis.  She wasn't able to get a hold of me, so she contacted the Freehold Borough Police Department.


Officer Steve Cicero responded and attempted to get into the car.  Unfortunately, he was not able to do so, but he called a locksmith and waited with her the entire time.  It took almost 40 minutes to get her going again, and he stayed with her.


I would like to say thank you to Officer Cicero for helping my family.


          -Jackson Resident




February, 2007

My wife and I have lived in the borough for 10 years now We have 4 children and we love our town. The freehold borough police department is an amazing group of people. We feel that they are all under appreciated and I know itís not much but I would like to offer my services to these fine officers and their families. I am a home furnishings consultant for Raymour and Flanigan and we are opening our new store in a few weeks.


          -Freehold Resident



December, 2006

       "I would like to thank the Freehold Borough officers who helped with the funeral procession for my husband.  There was an officer at most every street corner who saluted my family is we drove by.  It was so touching.


Thank you all so much.


          -Nancy Boslom




November 1, 2003

       "In February of 2003, we had so many snow storms, itís hard to keep track. There was one, however, that was a whopper! My husband was a dialysis patient at the time. There was so much snow, there was no way I could dig out the car to get him there. I decided to call 911 to see if the First Aid Squad could help. They came, rig and all, and drove him to dialysis on Craig Road in Manalapan.  The second dilemma I had was the fact that the plow made my digging efforts useless, so I had no way of picking my husband up to get him home. I called FBPD and spoke to the Dispatcher, Marissa Lopez, who actually arranged to have an officer go to Manalapan, pick my husband up and bring him home. While I was waiting for him, she had the small plow come by to plow the bottom of my driveway just in case of an emergency.

       So many times I wanted to say thank you and when I found your website, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to do so. Although she wasnít wrestling a criminal to the ground, she went above and beyond that day for us. She was not only courteous, but was genuinely concerned for my husbandís well-being.

       My husband had a double transplant this past June (kidney & pancreas). God willing, we wonít need a ride to dialysis in the snow that is yet to come our way. But if trouble strikes, I know we can count on our fine Police Dept. and First Aid Squad to come to the rescue. Thanks again!


          -Susan Stropoli




October 1, 2003

       "We are a small business on East Main Street. On behalf of myself and my employees, I would like to thank you and your Department for your help with our office. Unfortunately, our co-owner has passed away, but we can speak for him as well.


       Your officers have served us faithfully in the past when our 'alarm' system was set off and could not be turned off again. We regret the inconvenience to you, but feel strongly that we should acknowledge the diligence and professionalism shown at all times in this situation.  Our company appreciates all of your help."


          -Tracey Lee Maxwell

          -DDP Training Center



September 1, 2003

       "To Patrolman Garahan and the Freehold Boro Police Force:  I am writing to express my utmost gratitude and thanks on behalf of myself and my family. Yesterday evening we received a telephone call from Patrolman M. Garahan inquiring about a stolen computer. I had recently moved out of a college apartment and hadn't had enough time to unload my car. So, when he inquired about some missing computer equipment, you could imagine my surprise, since I had yet to discover it missing myself! In doing an amazing job, this man saved me the time, money, and emotional stress of searching for a new computer only hours before returning to school! I'm truly amazed at the expeditiousness with which the stolen items were located, identified, and returned. Officer Garahan was also able to locate me in such a short time after attempts to both Rutgers (my school) and my home by utilizing the information on my computer. Aside from a traffic stop or two (sorry!) I had never really had any interaction with the Freehold Police. And if Officer Garahan's speedy, diligent, professional work is any indication of the quality of work performed by the Freehold Police Department, than I must say, that this is an outstanding police force and town. It feels so wonderful to know that the people who protect you have such strong sense of morality, justice, and benevolence. I offer you all my thanks, appreciation and prayers. You're all such a blessing to the entire community! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"


          -In highest regards,

          -Allison R.

          -Freehold Borough Resident



August 18, 2003

       "On Thursday, August 14, 2003, I was stranded in NYC during the massive blackout. After finally returning home to the Freehold Bus Station at 1:30 am, I found myself without any cash or access to an ATM. Luckily, one of your fine officers happened to come into the parking lot and subsequently was nice enough to give me a ride home. I believe her name was Maribel Mora. I would just like to say thank you and wanted to make sure that her kindness and willingness to do such a great job did not go unnoticed."


          -Keri Roemer



December 1, 2002

       "It should come as no surprise that the Freehold Borough Police Department was voted among the best in Monmouth County. Having made a career in law enforcement and having lived in Freehold Borough, I am well aware of the services provided by this department. The members of the department go above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis, and are able to withstand the scrutiny by those who have never worn, nor could ever wear the uniform of a Freehold Police Officer.  Gun shots, stabbings, robberies, assaults and drunks are just some of the routine calls that these members face.  Just remember, police officers go to work each day knowing that they may never return home as a result sacrificing their life to preserve yours."





November 19, 2002

       "Hello, My name is Mark.  It has been a few months but I just want to say thanks.  A few months ago I was feeling bad..  I felt bad enough to do something to myself.  I called 911 from my cell.  I started to talking to some guy.  [His name was Howard Clesmere.]  I told him how I was feeling and that I was driving around looking for a way to do it.  I wouldn't tell him my car or or anything so he could find me.  He talked with me for almost an hour, a couple times he has to answer other calls but he explained that to me. For some reasons I Stayed with him until he got back.  I guess it was about 2 hours on the phone talking about all kinds of stuff, finally I told him the area I was I was on Route 36 by the mall  he started to give me directions, you know, stay on this road, turn left onto this road, that kind of stuff.  Next thing I see Monmouth hospital in front of me.  I sat in the parking lot there talking for a while longer.  Finally I agreed to go inside this guy stayed with me all the way into the hospital.  When I got inside he asked to speak to someone. He said it was to make sure they treat me right I don't know what they said to each other I was treated right.  I am out of the hospital now and I fell better. []  You guys all deserve a thank you.  Too much garbage is said about you.  I learned that if you don't do anything wrong the police are not going to hassle you.  I am doing nothing wrong now and I think making that phone call was the first right thing I did in a long time You guys saved my life."





October 7, 2002

       "When I called the Freehold Police I was assisted Professionally by Dispatcher Powers. She was courteous and very helpful by answering all my questions. Thank you Freehold Police dispatcher Powers 'job well done'."


          -Brandon Hoaglan



September 23, 2002

       "Last week two of your officers came to my house when my mother got sick.  These officers were so nice and professional.  They made my mother laugh despite the pain she was in.  I would like to thank Officers Loksa and Bailey.  They and all of you are wonderful."


          -Annette H.

           Brinckerhoff Avenue




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